Hi, I’m Ania Diduch and this is priv. mag – the magazine of thoughts about practical ways of being the best version of oneself.


Everything is private, so always start with yourself!

You are the sum of the decisions you make. Choose wisely.

Who am I?

Author of hundreds of articles about culture and an interactive e-book about the history of Polish photography. I have a master degree in history of art. I curate and produce cultural events that foster the conversation about mindfulness and nutrition of the body and mind. Yoga and meditation lover, I believe food is a medicine for health and joy. I have Hashimoto which so far has been the best teacher of life in the most unexpected number of ways.

Collaboration? Yes, please… 

I am most excited about connecting with like-minded people, institutions and brands that open a conversation about mindfulness, holistic approach towards health, climate changes, yoga, natural products, meditation, future of education, mindfull use of technologies, contemporary art, japanese culture, biology and food.

Formats of collaboration include:

  • interactive articles
  • product tests
  • social media campains
  • video or audio content
  • surprise me 🙂

Get in touch: ania@privmag.com